The best independent guide to Madrid

The best independent guide to Madrid

Madrid Metro Guide

Madrid metro network is reliable, safe and inexpensive and is the recommended means of travel to explore the city. The metro system is the second largest of Europe and serves all of the important districts and major sights of the capital. Madrid metro is open from 6:30am until 1:30am and during daylight hours, there is a service every 6-12 minutes. The metro is the suggested means of travel from Madrid airport and method to travel around the capital. This guide will provide an overview of the metro, details 2014 ticket prices and important details while travelling.

Madrid Metro Overview

Madrid’s Metro system has under gone massive expansion and modernization program during the last 10 years. There has been an emphasis on making the metro accessible to all travellers including older, disabled or people with young children.

For most journeys the metro is probably the better choice of transport than use of public buses as during much of the day Madrid’s roads are snarled up with horrendous traffic. The metro network also connects to Madrid airport (Baraja Airport) and this is the easiest and cheapest means to travel between the two. The metro network has a deceptive feature making distances appear much further than they actually are and for most short journeys in central Madrid it is usually quicker just to walk.

Madrid Metro Guide Tourist Information

The Madrid metro network opens in the morning at 6am and the last train is at 1:30am. A single journey in the central Zone (Zona A) costs between €1.50-2.00 depending on the number of stops but a more efficient method is to purchase a book of 10 tickets for €12.20. Children under the age of 4 may travel without a ticket. The book of ten tickets is also valid on inner city buses so this book of tickets is a useful thing to have at all times while exploring Madrid.

Bicycles can be taken on the Metro over the weekend and on public holidays but during the week only between 10:00-12:30 and 21:00 until the closing time of the Metro. The tickets to and from the airport are slightly more expensive as a standard ticket is required with an additional supplement ticket. The airport supplement is €3 so a single from the airport cost between €4.50-5.00.

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