The best independent guide to Madrid

The best independent guide to Madrid

Madrid Taxi Guide

The taxi services of Madrid offer tourists and visitors a convenient and fast means to travel around the capital. The fares of common taxi journeys have been steadily increasing over the last couple of years but Madrid’s taxis are still relatively inexpensive when travelling as a group. Madrid’s taxis become an essential mode of transport once the metro has shut for the night and officially licensed taxis are safe to travel either late at night or as a solo rider. Taxis are commonly hailed from the street and all taxis fares are based upon the meter reading which is combined from the distance, time and destination surcharges.

Madrid Taxi Fares

All taxi fares are calculated from the distance travelled and/or time waited with the addition of destination surcharges. Standard Madrid taxi fares operate between 6:00-21:00, referred to as Fare Rate 1 and the prices are:

  • Hailing cab fare: €2.50
  • Additional 1km €1.10
  • 15 minute waiting €5.00

During the night there is an additional 20% increase on the taxi fare, which will be displayed on the meter as Fare Rate 2. For public holidays fare rate 3 is used and this adds 30% to the standard fare price.

The additional fare surcharges are:

€2.95 for hailing cab at a taxi rank or from the convention centre.

€5.50 Barajas Airport either collection or drop off.

Madrid Taxi From the Airport

Madrid Airport is within the city vicinity, only 15km from the centre of Madrid. Taxis offer convenience for weary travellers but can be expensive when compared to the metro. Taxi journeys from the airport to centre Madrid will cost in excess of €17 and in traffic significantly more. Madrid airport is connect to the metro network and this offers and the cheapest prices and, if travelling at rush hour, shorter journey times.

Madrid Taxi Guide

Madrid taxi drivers have an undeservedly reputation for fast and aggressive driving. Few drivers speak any English so always have address clearly written. By law Taxi drivers must have change of a €20 note but it is always better to have smaller change. Tips are not expected but are always appreciated especially under the difficult economic conditions which is driving up fuel prices. Standard Madrid taxis are insured to carry 4 passengers. Madrid taxis are safe to hail and use both during the day and night, during the night it is safer to call for a taxi instead of hailing one from the street. Always be carefully when leaving taxi that all personal belongings are picked up as taxis have a habit of driving away fast after a fare - the lost and found office (Oficina de Objetos Perdidos Ayuntamiento de Madrid) is at Paseo del Molino 7 to the south of central Madrid (tel: 915 279590).

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