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Arganzuela Footbridge Madrid

The Pasarela del Arganzuela (Arganzuela footbridge) is a practical and stunning piece of modern art that lies at the heart of the parque arganzuela (Arganzuela Park) to the south of central Madrid.

The Arganzuela footbridge is the focal point of the newly created park and the pedestrian bridge connects the districts of Carabanchel with Arganzuela. The bridge is constructed of two tubular metal sections that curl around the length of the bridge providing semi-shelter from the sun and rain. Each of the 278m long spiralling cones meet at a raised platform that stands above a small hill on the northern bank. The total length of the Arganzuela Bridge is 556 meters long.


Construction of the Arganzuela Bridge was started in October 2010 and was inaugurated in March 2011. The chief architect was the French designer Dominique Perrault and the entire project cost a staggering 12 million Euros. This astronomical construction cost which was funded at the start of Spain’s economic slow down is quickly forgotten as it is a marvel of ultra modern architecture and central feature to the Arganzuela Park.


The wide bridge has space for both cyclists and pedestrians who are offered a fantastic views of the newly created park and the popular Toledo Bridge. The park was created after the Calle 30 ring road was diverted via a complex system of tunnels. This major excavation project created a large disused area that was created into the Arganzuela Park.

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