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Jardines Sabatini, Madrid Guide

The Jardines Sabatini, Madrid (Gardens of Sabatini) are located within the extended grounds of Madrid’s royal palace, the Palacio Real de Madrid. The gardens that lie to the north of the Palacio Real are immaculately maintained and are based upon the symmetrical and ordered French design.

The pine and cypress trees of the Jardines de Sabatini provide welcome shade form the intense Madrid summer sun and it is not uncommon to find Madrid’s citizens reading within the quiet secluded gardens. For tourists the gardens make for a tranquil escape from the hordes of tourists that visit the Royal Palace.

Jardines Sabatini Madrid

The Jardines Sabatini in Madrid

Guide to the Jardines Sabatini, Madrid

The quiet secluded atmosphere of the Jardines Sabatini Madrid is in part due to the lowered elevation of the gardens, the gardens are approximately 10m lower than the main Plaza de Orient. The gardens are connected to Plaza Orient by a grand stone staircase, an appropriate entrance to the royal gardens. As the Jardines de Sabatini are set into the side of the hill, the Palacio Real de Madrid appears significantly more majestically than when viewed at the front.

Jardines Sabatini Madrid

The Jardines Sabatini Madrid over look the Royal palace

The statues found within the gardens are of poor craftsmanship with little facial or fine detail as they were never intended to be viewed so closely. The statues were originally destined for the roof of the palace but were deemed to heavy so were never installed. These statue of gothic Spanish kings languished in semi storage until positioned prominently in the Jardines de Sabatini.

The Jardines Sabatini Madrid are highly recommended while visiting the Palacio Real de Madrid as the gardens are immaculately maintained and provides a pleasant break from the tourist crowds. The gardens are a must for keen photographers as some of the best views of the palace are from the Jardines de Sabatini.

History of the Jardines Sabatini, Madrid

The Jardines Sabatini Madrid were not constructed at the same time as the palace and originate from a much later era. Originally the Palacio Real de Madrid’s stables were situated on the lower tier of the gardens with direct access to the rolling hills to the west of the palace. During the Franco dictatorship and the political drive to cleanse the country of many of the Spanish monarch’s possessions the stables were demolished and were “given back to the people”. The initial work on the gardens was started in 1933 but the park was not completed until 1978; ironically it was King Carlos I who officially opened the park to the public.

Jardines Sabatini Madrid

The Jardines Sabatini Madrid gardens are named after the Italian architect Francesco Sabatini who during the 18th century designed much of the Palacio Real de Madrid, this included royal stables which were demolished to create the gardens named after him. The architect selected to design the Jardines de Sabatini in 1933 was Fernando Mercandal who was only awarded the project after winning a competition of different designs. This was populous idea by Franco to vindicate the destruction he inflicted upon Madrid during his power struggle.

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