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Madrid Spain Travel and Tourist Guide

Madrid is a tourist destination will excite all of the senses, from wonderful sights through to tantalizing tapas dishes mixed with a hospitable and fun seeking people. Let us here at be your Madrid guide and show to you why you should visit this fantastic capital city.

Madrid Spain Guide Introduction

All visitors leave Madrid singing the praises of city but Madrid is an enigma with few recognizable monuments, a melting pot of different competing Spanish cultures and a recent history which most try to forget. So why are all visitors to Madrid, young or old, so complementary and enthusiastic for a city that on paper appears lesser than Paris, London or even the bitter rival Barcelona. The simple answer to Madrid's allure as a tourist destination is not the individual parts but the total sum of the experience.


Madrid does everything well and most of the time close to perfection, be that the museums, the never ending night life, the cuisine and the welcoming attitude of the people. The only true way to expedience this unique city is to simple be there, so let us at show to you why you should visit Madrid and then be your travel guide for your holiday. Madrid as a city has had its massive high points and equally dark periods of history since the founding of the city, almost as a whim, by Felipe II in 1561 who simply wanted an area away from the powerful regional cities and close to the centre of the country. Let our Madrid guide explain to you the history of the capital.


With no port, an unpredictable river, poor farmland and a scorching summer Madrid may not have been the ideal location for a capital but it was from here that the Habsburg dynasty ruled much of Europe and influenced the remainder of the world. It was here where the gold and silver from Central America flowed into funding vast extravagancies of construction or conquest but leave little lasting benefit for the Spanish people. Madrid is a great destination for a short break or extended weekend holiday as there are ample sights, museums and attractions for the day and restaurants, bars and clubs by night to fill a 3-4 day holiday. Madrid is well connected via its international airport that provides scheduled and low cost airlines while the city is easy to navigate using the metro network.


Spring and early summer is the ideal season to visit Madrid while the month of August should be avoided as the city all but closes in the face of the extreme heat and heads to the coast. Madrid provides a good range of accommodation options able to cater for all budgets and preferences. Unfortunately the present economic woes means that Madrid is not as cheap as it once was but it is still significantly better value than many other northern European cities.

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